Dealer to Dealer Wholesale Community at Road Dealer™Patent Pending

Simply put, Road Dealer™Patent Pending gives any member vehicle dealer a captive audience of fellow members to buy and sell as many vehicles they want or need.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating buy and sell fees you pay at the auction, and pay one fixed LOW monthly fee.
  • Reduce old inventory by turning your old money into current profitable vehicles for your dealership.
  • Increase your used vehicle inventory within hours to meet your demand.
  • Decrease your turn around for finding your customer the vehicle they want now.
  • Save time by connecting with motivated dealers without leaving their showroom.

Road Dealer™Patent Pending members are issued secured ID and Password combinations for access to their on line inventory. Only authorized sellers have the ability to change their own inventory. Authorized dealers also have access to view all inventory on line posted by other authorized dealers.

Road Dealer™Patent Pending offers an on line demonstration of the software and tutorial. Contact one of our sales representatives for your complementary demo ID and Password or contact us at


What makes this program different is that Road Dealer™Patent Pending does not make a commission on your purchase or sale. Buyers and sellers deal direct so any transaction can be negotiated without a middle man. This will save both the seller and buyer transportation and auction fees that would normally eat away at profits and can make the vehicle a financial loss.

Dealers have the ability to offer as many vehicles for wholesale as they wish. Or, dealers can view and buy as many vehicles on line as they would like. There are absolutely no limits on Road Dealer™Patent Pending

Call Road Dealer™Patent Pending today for our latest price list.

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